5 Native American Heritage Month Activities

November is Native American Heritage Month! It’s a time to get informed on Native cultures, traditions, history, and more.

We hope this short list of things to help you have fun during this month helps get the juices flowing!

1. Go to a Native American Museum

This is a fun and immersive way for you and the family to go be educated about the history of Natives. You can see artifacts, their historical lifestyles, their traditions, and more all while having a good time!

2. Read Books By or About Natives

Whether the book is meant for children or adults, it wouldn’t hurt to find a few interesting facts on them. They have a rich history that deserves to be learned about and it’s fun to know how they once lived!

3. Make Native-Related Crafts

There are plenty of tutorials on the internet that you can watch to make respectful crafts with anyone. From rattles to miniature totem poles, you can find plenty of things to keep your hands busy and learn about Natives all in one go.

4. Eat Authentic Native Food

If you’ve never eaten authentic Native food, why not try now? It’s delicious and you can further immerse yourself! You can get friends and family in the kitchen to bond over the meal you’ll share. You can find out plenty of meals that different tribes would make by asking around or doing some research!

5. Make Some Noise

Visiting museums, researching the internet, or simply asking can get you a ton of information on the types of instruments local tribes would use. You can make some for yourself, too! Making music, whether you’re good or bad at it, is always a fun time.

There you have it, everyone! We hope you have a wonderful and educational Native American Heritage Month.

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