5 Ways Dogs Improve Mental Health

Ever wonder why dogs are such a hot topic all the time? We know not all folks like dogs, there are some who prefer other types of pets, which is up to you! Dogs do a lot for their families, whether it’s performing a service they were trained for, providing joy, or simply being a comforting figure. 

Did you know that because of these things, they can improve a person’s mental health? We can list a few ways how they do this!

1. Reduce Loneliness
If the owner doesn’t have much of a social circle or they tend to live a busy life, their dog will always be there to give them their company. Dogs are known to love unconditionally and don’t need much to be entertained, depending on the breed, so the owner can easily feel at ease knowing they have at least one friend.

2. Decrease Anxiety
Dogs have the ability to use their charm to increase oxytocin in their owners. Oxytocin is known for being the “love drug” as it is associated with empathy, relationship building, and trust in this case.

3. Perform Services
We’re referring to service dogs specifically. They are typically trained from puppyhood to take care of a special need in their owners like blindness, deafness, poor motor functions, post traumatic stress disorder and more.

4. Encourage Exercise 
Dogs need plenty of exercise to stay just as happy as their family! Walks, jogs, or runs are their favorite things to go on especially with their owner, so their excitement typically urge their owner to go with them. Not only does it help them physically, it helps them both on a bonding level!

5. Incite Feeling Protected
Because dogs tend to have a protective nature, they can make their family feel watched over during the night or day time. Dogs may also be territorial, so they’ll watch over their territory while the family is away or present!

We hope you liked these 5 ways dogs can help with mental health! 
They do so much for their loved ones without asking for much in return, so dog owners have to take it upon themselves to give back with all the love in their heart.

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