After Labor Day Weekend Home AC Maintenance .

You hosted a fun Labor Day weekend at the house with friends and family… Now it’s time for clean up! That includes your homes AC system. With all those people chomping on food and licking their fingers, you can only imagine the amount of bacteria and debris circulating through the HVAC system and back into the home. Gross right? Consider adding this checklist to your post- Labor Day weekend clean up.  
Home AC Maintenance Checklist: 

1.) Start with replacing all the filters. These are supposed to be changed every 30 days. Clean filters enhance the efficiency of the HVAC system and traps dirt.  

2.) Clean evaporator coils and condensers. You can get a hose and spray down the outside equipment and remove any debris. For the indoor equipment, it is best to hire a professional.  

3.) Duct cleaning & sanitizing. Hire a licensed contractor to remove dirt and debris from your duct system as well as sanitize. 

4.)  Wipe down registers and grills. If the contractor you hire to do the duct cleaning doesn’t wipe down the registers and grills, ask them to or spray the registers off before they put them back up. 

5.) Consider a purification system installed by a HVAC contractor. A purification system helps remove dust, dirt, pollen, germs, and bacteria in your home.  

6.) Call for an inspection. To check all the levels and amps of the system, call your trusted HVAC professional to schedule a full AC inspection.  

If you need help getting your checklist completed, Pro Solutions Air is here for you! We offer indoor coil cleanings, condenser cleanings, filter changes, duct cleaning and sanitizing, maintenance plans, and much more. Call a contractor you feel confident will take care of you and your families cooling needs. 623-229-4389 

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