Fall/Winter Maintenance Special!

Pro Solutions Air is offering a limited time deal! Take advantage of our Seasonal Heating Maintenance Special for only $39 (Normally $89) per system! Offer is valid until December 31st, 2022. When you call to schedule, mention promo code HEAT2022. 

Routine maintenance every year on your heating system is an important part of ensuring it operates properly. Just like you wouldn’t skip an oil change on your car, you shouldn’t skip maintenance on the home heating unit. On top of proper system operation, there are other pros as well! 

Energy Costs- The efficiency of the unit could be affected without proper maintenance. Over time, the filters and inside the equipment accumulate dust and debris. This causes the system to be less efficient and run longer & harder. You’ll want to change your filters every 30 days. If the inside of your equipment has dirt buildup, the technician servicing the system should offer a cleaning.   

Comfort- I remember when it was a cold and rainy December day… My 4-month-old daughter and I came home to a chilly temperature of 55 degrees. Had I gotten proper maintenance done prior to this, the issue could’ve been caught and taken care of beforehand. If you don’t want yourself, family, and pets suffering, schedule a heating preventative maintenance.   

Warranty- Neglecting your system by not practicing proper maintenance is a sure way to lose your manufacturer warranty. When your furnace or heatpump falls apart because it wasn’t being taken care of, you can expect to pay a lot more without that warranty.  

Take care of your heating system preventative maintenance this year with Pro Solutions Air. Our technicians have the knowledge and tools to ensure your system is in tip top shape! If they notice any issues, you’ll be notified and provided with solutions. After all, our moto is “Never a problem, just a solution!”

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