Favorite chocolate covered treats around the US – National chocolate covered anything day – December 16th

What is the most popular Chocolate covered treats in your state?

It may surprise you, but Bacon is the most Google searched Chocolate covered treat in the United States. Banana is the next most popular, and then Almonds. Let’s take a look at which states like other chocolate-covered foods.

Almonds are the most popular nut to cover in Chocolate, but Arkansas loves Chocolate-covered Pecan, and Hawaii loves Chocolate-covered Macadamia nuts.

Fruit is another food that Chocolate makes better. Bananas, strawberries, and cherries are the most popular, but California loves a chocolate-covered blueberry, and surprisingly the Chocolate covered treat of choice in New Jersey is Pineapple.




There are a few chocolate-covered treats out there that most would consider weird. Kansas loves a coffee bean covered in Chocolate, North Dakota a potato chip, but North Carolina takes the cake with Chocolate Covered crickets.

What’s your favorite Chocolate covered treat?

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