How To Plan & Host an Adult Halloween Party

We finally made it to October! Temperatures start to decline, fall drinks and smells everywhere, and of course all the Halloween fun! Speaking of Halloween fun… Is it your turn to host the party? If so, check out these tips on how to host a “lit” Halloween PARTY! 😉  

Use your head… no, not literally. Think about what kind of theme you’re going for before rushing to Party Planet. Have a few ideas i

n mind just in case you need to switch themes due to lack of décor. You might like a horror movie theme or zombies and maybe even scary clowns. Either way, have your ideas planned out.   

Know who you’re inviting. This helps with picking out a theme and knowing how much food to purchase. Start with making a guest list. Determine how many people you can handle in your home at once. Try not inviting the drama starters… they really throw the party mood off.

Now that you have your theme picked out and you know how many people are going to show up, make a list before you go rushing to the store. This can include décor ideas, food, drinks (non-alcoholic & alcoholic), games, and maybe even a movie.  

Most importantly, the music needs to be fun! Create a playlist with good songs everyone will enjoy and dance to. The playlist can include various genre’s that you know your guests will like.

We wish you luck on your party planning and hope you have a Happy Halloween! Remember, no drinking and driving… Be safe!  

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