National Clean Your Desk Day.

January 10th is National Clean Your Desk Day.

This morning as we start the week at Pro Solutions Air, everything is business as usual. We get up at 5AM –  the 3 Yorkies (Paris, Olie & Toodles), the 15 year old Chihuahua (ChiChi) & the Dachshund (Slinky) go outside to do their business so they can eat their breakfast.  Tyra Wade (T) gets bundled up in a blanket coat and flip flops to make sure all the dogs have finished before breakfast is served.  The dogs and T go inside the house, the premade rice, chicken and vegetable meal is pulled out of the fridge, heated up and served to each dog on their own plate.

Yorkie Olie, will be 2 years old on April 11, 2022.  Olie is super jumpy and excited for breakfasts and dinner.  He is usually first to the meal plate.  Followed by Yorkie Paris, who is about 4 years old, she devours her food as if she hasn’t ate in a month.  Dachshund Slinky waits in the background for his, as he is always secretly trying to swoop in on the other dogs’ plates; so T plays referee / security guard every morning to ensure all the dogs get their fair share. Then there is Chihuahua ChiChi who has this weird phobia of bowls and plates, so watching her eat is always comical and usually ends with T assisting her with being spoon or fork fed. Last but not least is Yorkie Toodles; Toodles is newer to the household and also 11 years old with a lot of teeth that have been pulled.  toodles doesn’t care for eating around other animals or having to guard her food, so she would rather hide under the kitchen desk.  T goes and gets Toodles, puts her on the counter with her food – while holding her to be safe and Toodles eats her meal.  WHAT A DAILY ORDEAL, HUH?  Tis normal for our household though, and we love it!  I will post pictures of our fur babies.

T and Don now start their day, get dressed, T stops at the store to get goodies for the Monday team meeting if anyone wants them and then both arrive with the entire Pro Solutions Air team sitting around the conference table all bright eyed and bushy tailed!  Meeting is done and then T goes upstairs to start the Pro Solutions Air Monday.

Email is opened and WALLA!  WE HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED IT IS National Clean Your Desk Day. LOL

I will attached the email content below for tips:

Here are 8 Helpful Tips!
1) Start with an Audit

Before you rearrange anything, take a good look at every single item that’s currently present in your office. Then sort them into different piles (donate, keep, and trash/recycle typically cover most people’s needs). For each item, consider whether or not you actually use it and if it enhances your work or life in any way. Make decisions as quickly as possible; if you get stuck on an item, move onto the next one and come back to it later.

2) Minimize Paper

Paper is one for the worst offenders when it comes to office clutter, so it’s essential to get mail, bills, magazines, and other paper products under control. Start by shredding and/or recycling any papers that aren’t essential. Then digitize any important paper documents that can be scanned and stored as electronic files. Next, invest in a couple of paper trays that help organize them by categories (such as “urgent,” “awaiting processing,” or “to be filed” or simply “read” and “unread”). You can find paper trays here.

3) Store in Containers

Store all your office supplies in containers, drawers, baskets and bins. Putting all these supplies out of sight will give your office an uncluttered look. Here are some containers you can use for organizing the drawers.

4) Categorize

Organize your office into categories, placing like items together. By doing this, your office will become more functional. For example, look in your mail drawer next time you need stamps.
Common Categories:
Stickies – sticky notes, tabs, stickers, etc.
Tools – straight cutter, staple, staple remover, hole punch
Writing tools – markers, pens, pencils
Mail – envelopes, stamps, address labels
Labeling – labeler and label tape

5) Get Label Happy
Sure, labels may seem pretty Type A – but have your ever met a Type A person with a messy office space? Take a page from the organizational pros’ playbook and go to town labeling office items, from bookshelves to cabinet shelving, chargers, wires, paper organizers, and so on. Then, put away items in the appropriate place – every single time.

6) Utilize Wall Space

When you use your wall for extra storage space, it’s like gaining a new room. Free up space on your desk and floor by transferring as many items as possible to the wall. Here are some helpful tips for that:

  • Use a pegboard to store frequently used office accessories such as scissors, tape, and so on.
  • Up the ante with hanging storage bins, which should provide space for everything from staples to rubber bands, thumb tacks, extra writing utensils, etc.
  • Use a dry erase board to brainstorm ideas or keep a running to-do list (and do away with the desktop notepad).
  • Invest in a hanging wall calendar instead of placing one on your desk.
  • Use a corkboard to stash documents that require your attention.
  • Install coat hangers to keep jackets and sweaters off office chairs.

7) Tidy Wires and Chargers
Untangling wires can be a huge waste of time, and wires that pile up on the floor can create visual clutter that causes stress and detracts from the overall aesthetic of your workspace (plus they’re a major tripping hazard!). Start by untangling wires first. Then, prevent future tangles by holding together excess wire with binder clips. Next, determine appropriate storage solutions. Labeled, binder-clipped chargers should all go in the same place (and they should be put back in that spot after each use). Wires that need to stay out should be kept off the floor; secure them to the underside of your desk.

8) Expand Your Desk Space

No matter the size of your desk, you can increase the amount of desk space available to you with a few simple tweaks.

  • Consider placing a rolling cart beside your desk to hold planners, frequently accessed paper files, notepads, and more. This way you won’t need to find a home for these items on top of your desk.
  • Ditch desktop lamps and opt for a floor lamp or overhead lighting.
  • Elevate your laptop or desktop monitor with a small desktop shelf. Not only will this provide you with storage space underneath the shelf, but it’s also more ergonomic for your neck.
  • If you’re short on drawer space, consider installing an under shelf basket or other under shelf storage options.

Lastly, don’t forget to filter those emails! Hope these tips help for getting your desk organized. Take care and Happy New Year!

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