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Spring Cleaning Your HVAC System

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Spring is approaching quickly and with that comes lots of cleaning. While most homeowners are carpet cleaning and dusting, they’re forgetting the most important part of their home, the HVAC system. Though cleaning the air conditioning system may not seem possible, this is where Pro Solutions Air is here to help you. Spring cleaning your HVAC system is important because there are invisible allergens.

Package Unit InstallThroughout our homes, mold, dust, and other airborne allergens are spread. Little do people know, they can be lingering in your HVAC system. Air filters keep a lot out however, tiny particles still make their way through. When the dust lands on the air handler and combining the moisture in the area, it is a cause for mold growth and other harmful bacteria. Not only does mold growth happen, but other airborne particles travel in your duct system.

Pro Solutions Air specializes in Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance along with Duct Cleaning. Before doing anything else in your home, be sure to have your system maintenance and duct cleaning serviced by Pro Solutions Air. We are affordable and offer high quality work. Contact the best HVAC company in the west valley today!

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