Ways to Boost Your Mood

With winter approaching, you can expect to have a mood change. Those of us in Arizona are used to swimming in the pool on a sunny summer day. During winter, the days are shorter and colder. This can have an effect on our mental state. Here are some ways to boost your mood this winter! 

1.) If it’s not too cold, grab a coat and go for a walk during the day. You still want to get some sun and the exercise is also good. Two birds, one stone!

2.) Go to the gym. Walking is great but you can do a lot more with your workout routine when you have the equipment.  

3.) Smile and laugh. You can watch a comedy movie or call that friend who can always put a smile on your face.  

4.) Cuddle! Whether it’s your significant other or your furry friend, cuddling can boost your mood.  

5.) My personal favorite is getting a massage! Not only does it feel amazing but it also relaxes your body & mind. 

6.) Eat healthy foods. Eating fruits and vegetables are good for the waistline and brain! 

7.) Take a break from social media. Set your phone to the side and read a book or take a bubble bath.

There are plenty of ways to enhance your mood this winter. Find what works best for you and stick to it. Make these a part of your daily routine for a healthy mind & body!  

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