Why Winter Makes you Sleepy

Have you ever noticed that you, or the people around you, get drowsier during the winter time? It’s not because of laziness, so don’t be hard on yourself.

The winter comes with a lot of beautiful sights and experiences, but it also comes with its ability to make everyone experience a degree of coziness. People instinctively want to get warmer during the colder temperatures!

Here are 4 reasons why people get sleepy during the winter: 

1. Sunshine Vitamin 
Vitamin D, AKA the sunshine vitamin, is naturally gotten from being in the sunlight! However, during the winter the days are shorter and nights are longer, and for some states the sun isn’t out very much either.
You can get vitamin d by eating foods that have it or simply taking supplements!

2. S.A.D
S.A.D stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. This refers to a very common mental health disorder that strikes most during the winter. It’s rumored that it began because of our long gone instinct to hibernate during the winter time.
You can help this condition by getting as much sunlight as you can or speak to a professional for further assistance!

3. Trouble Sleeping
Though the cold has been proven to help with you sleep experience, it can also be counteractive. Because the cold has been associated with being more susceptible to pain, people often complain about joints or muscles hurting more often.
Just because you can’t tell the weather what to do, you can certainly tell your heater what to do! Ensure that your home is nice and toasty for the night and you should be okay.

4.  Less Day, More Night
As mentioned previously, the nights are way longer than before, thus taking away from the day time. Because of this, your body gets accustomed to the longer sleep schedules!

A good way to avoid the sleepless nights, potential joint/ muscle discomfort, and lack of energy is by having a flawlessly working HVAC system– more specifically your heater. With Pro Solutions Air, you’re sure to have a comfortable and easy winter!

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