Who We Are

A Team That Loves to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Improving indoor air quality is something that we should all be thinking about.  With our homes and offices being closed up most of the year, this can be a breeding ground for viruses and contaminates that can circulate through your HVAC system.  Pro Solutions Home Services offers a few different kinds of indoor air purification systems; one of them being the Air Scrubber– which is very popular.  Other units are provided by Lennox, Trane and more.  If you have questions on the different systems, please call us to ask.  623-258-8361

Whole house purification is as easy as turning on your A/C, heater or merely the fan.  When the system is on, this activates the permanently installed air purification unit to really clean the air and any foul smells from the air.  These air purification systems have different styles, ways of working and ozone vs. no ozone.  We educate you on all the systems so you ca make a clear choice for your unique space.

We help you have an indoor air quality that smells amazing and is safe!  Who wouldn’t want safer air to breathe?

What We Do

Keep It Simple

We provide indoor air solutions that cut down on viruses, mold, dust, foul smells, allergies and more.  We offer permanently installed units as well as mobile units which can be used in RV’s and hotel rooms for indoor air safety wherever you go.  many times you can see our crews using a mobile air filtration unit in your home when doing things that may produce a lot of dust, like going in and out of your attic; you will smell the difference in clean air just from these little units!

We provide extensive duct cleaning services that include duct sanitizing and duct sealing as options.

Our duct cleaning process is very clean.  We use drop cloths, and keep the main vacuum system outside the entire time to eliminate dust being carried around your home.  All registers are removed and cleaned, wiped down and all ducts are thoroughly clean with whips and brushes throughout.   Any duct leaks or concerns are brought to you attention immediately, of which most duct issues can be remedied the same day as the duct cleaning.

We also do dryer vent cleaning!

If you have been noticing your clothes have been taking longer to dry, there is a good chance your dryer vent and dryer could be clogged with lint and debris.