Pool Heaters

Pool Heaters are one of the household appliances that most homeowners don’t think about till they stop working.  The fact is, pool heaters are just like your home’s heat pump or furnace, and need maintenance too!  For just $25.00, Pro Solutions Air will do a pool heater checkup if we are already at your home servicing your HVAC system.

Pool heater maintenance is especially nice because we can usually see if a part is getting ready to break due to wear, and do the pool heater repair before you want to use your pool heater on that cold night, and it doesn’t work.  Imagine getting ready to get into that hot spa only to be freezing from the outdoor cold temperatures, and step into a freezing bubbling spa instead!

Pool Heater repairs are not a problem for Pro Solutions Air.  Pool Heater repair experts are just a phone call away.