Service Includes:

  1. Monitoring for proper operation
  2. Disconnect Switch inspection
  3. Condenser Coil rinse
  4. Refrigerant Level check
  5. Starting Capabilities test
  6. Measurement of Compressor Amp Draw to specifications
  7. Electrical Motor Performance measurement
  8. Measurement of capacitors to be within specifications
  9. Safety Controls test
  10. Inspection of main switching relay for arching or pitting
  11. Lubrication of motors as needed
  12. Check and adjustment of thermostat calibration
  13. Check and tightening of high voltage connections
  14. Check and tightening of control wiring and connections
  15. Check of air flow 16. Check of filter condition and size
  16. Measurement for proper air temperature readings
  17. Inspection of duct connections at unit
  18. Inspection of piping to be free of vibration or wear
  19. Check of outdoor fan motor bearing wear