Split System Repair & New Installations

What Is a Split System?

When you are in the market for a new A/C unit, it is usually because there has been some repairs and the unit is aging.  This is the time most people begin to call around HVAC companies, do some internet research and ultimately learn quite a bit about the system they have in their home.  There are a few different kinds of systems that cool residential and commercial spaces, from chillers/boilers to package units on the roof.  In Arizona it is very common to have what is called a split system, heat pump.  It sounds a bit foreign to call an air conditioner that COOLS a HEAT pump, but here is why:

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What They Are

A split system is most often a heat pump that is split between an outdoor condenser unit on the ground and the other part of the unit split in another location, usually in an attic or utility closet.  The way a heat pump works is when cooling, it pulls the hot air out and the cool air blows inside the home.  When heating, it pulls the cool air out and blows the hot air into the home.

Heat pumps are very popular in areas that do not get too cold, like the Phoenix area because freezing temperatures do not occur too often.  Heat pumps are more efficient and safer that there is not gas in the environment.  Heat pumps are not optimal in regions that get extremely cold and are comfortably used in environments that do not go below freezing often, however do work in low and freezing temperatures.