What is a blower wheel? The blower wheel related to your HVAC equipment is a component of the blower motor that is intended to move air through the duct system. When the blower wheel gets packed with dirt and debris, the rotation slows down and decreases air movement. The blower motor has to work harder with any amount of dirt on the blades. When your air conditioning and heating system has to work harder, the lifespan diminishes and you’re causing the electric bill to increase. To add, if the blower motor needs to be replaced under manufacturer warranty because of a dirty blower wheel, they can deny the claim, void your warranty, and you’ll have to pay out of pocket for the part.

When Pro Solutions Air’s technicians do your maintenance and find that the blower wheel is dirty, we will inform you and provide pricing for a blower wheel cleaning. Our goal during these maintenances is to inform our clients of deficiencies and recommendations so you have the option to get them taken care of before it leads to a bigger problem and voids the warranty. If you want to avoid having to pay for blower wheel cleanings every year, we strongly suggest keeping up on filter changes every 30 days.  

Let Pro Solutions Air take care of your air conditioning and heating system with our Bi-Annual Maintenance Member Program. With our program being only $130 per system a year, it just makes sense! When you’re a member, we provide a maintenance in the Spring for your air conditioning and maintenance in the Fall for heating. If deficiencies/recommendations are found, enjoy more savings with 15% off! Call to get more information and schedule your maintenance today! 623-229-4389