Having air conditioning in our homes and businesses is essential to survive in our desert state. Without it during the summer months, we would die! When your A/C system fails, it’s critical to hire a certified and experienced HVAC contractor to diagnose, repair, or install your air conditioning system. There are many reasons to hire an HVAC service technician including safety, time, experience, and legal requirements.  


When you hire a certified and experienced technician, you’re ensuring your and your family’s safety. HVAC systems have potentially dangerous gases that should only be handled by a licensed technician. These technicians know how to properly handle these gases safely for you, themselves, and the environment. Anyone who is not licensed and trained should not attempt to diagnose, repair, or install an HVAC system. Doing so poses a threat to themselves, the homeowners/ tenants, and the environment. It is not worth the risk! An HVAC contractor is also equipped and knowledgeable in handling the electrical. You wouldn’t want to be shocked now, would you?!  


You don’t have time to waste trying to self-diagnose your air conditioning unit. There are other responsibilities you have as a homeowner and business owner that require your attention. Spending time on Google researching different reasons why the A/C system would fail and how to repair it will do you no good. Only an experienced HVAC technician has the tools and skills to diagnose and repair the system. Save the time stressing and call in a professional! 


As stated previously, “only an experienced HVAC technician has the tools and skills to diagnose and repair the system.” On average, a technician services 7 customers a day. If they’ve been in the trade for even just 5 years, that’s a lot of experience they’ve gained more than someone working at a bank and doing research on how to repair an HVAC system. Choosing a contractor with the necessary skills is the best choice in ensuring your air conditioning system is serviced properly.  

Legal Requirements 

Not just anyone can service or replace an air conditioning system. There are specific certifications and licenses a service technician needs to acquire. This is to protect them, homeowners, and the environment. You don’t want to get caught using something that legally requires you to have a qualified certificate or license. Keep yourself out of trouble by hiring a licensed HVAC contractor.  

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