This is becoming an ever more popular question actually!

Ductless units, or mini-splits are almost identical to a regular mini-split in how they operate, they just do not duct the entire home or area.  They usually have a main base inside which blows conditioned air, and a split outer system which stays outside the conditioned room.  Mini-splits are excellent additions to garages that have ben insulated and conditioned for more comfort, Arizona Rooms (enclosed patios) and even a great addition to some rooms where the home or commercial space HVAC system isn’t able to keep up.  Mini-split systems are excellent accompanies to a main HVAC system to keep everything running optimal.

Other uses for these ductless min-splits which we have seen beginning to trend is where some home builders opt to put one in every room, each room on it’s own temperature setting and has it’s own mini-split.  This does a few things; this can keep one room that is not used very often at a warmer/cooler and less expensive temperature while the other rooms are kept at a more comfortable temperature, where you spend most of your time.

Energy Efficient Though?


Most mini-splits cost about as much as a refrigerator costs to run.

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