Tis the season for your heater’s maintenance! While other states started using their furnace in October, we here in Arizona have finally begun to turn the heat on in December. Though we don’t use our heaters or furnaces for very long here, it’s still important to keep them maintained for the purpose of efficiency and safety.  

How does my heating system benefit from annual maintenance? 

✅ Reduces energy bill 

✅ Improved energy efficiency 

✅ Reduces breakdowns and repairs  

✅ Extended lifespan 

✅ Maintains healthy air quality 

✅ Detects dangers  

✅ Maintains manufacturer warranty 

✅ Keep warm during the cold season! 

How can I maintain my heating system? 

✅ Monthly filter change 

✅ Listen for strange noises 

✅ Keep vents clean and area open 

✅ Schedule cleanings 

✅ Schedule annual maintenance 

For a trusted HVAC company in Surprise, Arizona and surrounding cities, call Pro Solutions Air! Our honest and knowledgeable technicians are ready to service your heating system to ensure you stay warm all season long.

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