Purchasing a new air conditioning system is not as exciting as getting a new car… we know. However, the system will need to be replaced eventually, no matter how unexciting it may be. Air conditioning units ideally last 10-15 years before losing their efficiency. Even with proper maintenance, they just simply are not built to last forever.  

People tend to hold onto their units until they finally fail, and this typically happens during the worst time… summer! It is 115 degrees outside, and with no A/C, the temperature rises in the home quickly. While you are sweating and sitting in front of the fan to try to get cool, you’re frantically searching for an air conditioning company to come out asap. This does not allow you time to research the right HVAC contractor to fit your needs.  

Get familiar with the signs indicating it is time to replace the central air conditioning system with a new and efficient one.  

Lifespan- Air conditioning systems have an expected lifespan of 10-15 years. Find out what year your system was installed and calculate 10+ years to give you an idea of when you would likely replace it. 

Increased air conditioning-related expenses- If the utility bill is continuously rising and you haven’t made any changes, it is likely your system is no longer efficient.  

Excessive noise- Any noises you weren’t hearing before that you are hearing now are an indication there is something wrong with the system.  

As your system ages, pay attention to these different signs. You don’t want to be that person calling your family and friends looking for a place to sleep because your house is too hot to handle. When the system is ready to be replaced, call your trusted HVAC contractor.  

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