Did a service technician recently tell you an indoor coil cleaning needs to be done on your unit? You may be questioning whether you need it or not. It’s not uncommon for customers to get that feeling of the technician just trying to sell them something so it makes sense that you’d do your research first. Let us help you answer some of your questions… 


The most important question to ask is “Why?”. If you want the simple and sarcastic answer, it’s because your coils are dirty! No but in all seriousness, dirty coils will cause further issues that result in costly repairs and maybe even replacement. Dirty coils can also cause your home to be uncomfortable and an increased electric bill! Why would anyone want to pay more money to be less comfortable in their home? With an indoor and outdoor coil cleaning, all the dirt and debris that has built up over time will be removed, allowing the system to breathe easier. When the system breathes easier, you will feel it throughout your home and less on the electric bill.  


An indoor coil or outdoor coil cleaning is normally $200-$500 depending on the severity and accessibility. The price is the biggest reason people tend to shy away. It’s like pulling teeth spending money on anything that doesn’t excite you. Personally, I’d rather spend it on home décor but unfortunately, we must prioritize what we need verses what we want. On the bright side, a coil cleaning doesn’t need to be a regular occurrence if the system is taken care of properly.  

Hopefully this helps answer at least some questions you may have. If you’d like more information, Pro Solutions Air is available to answer any other questions. Our staff is willing to assist as best as we can! If you are ready to schedule a coil cleaning, we can help with that too! Our knowledgeable technicians can perform indoor and outdoor coil cleanings on any heatpump or gas system. Give us a call anytime at 623-229-4389