What’s included in the Pro Solutions Air 5 year annual maintenance plan?

Pro Solutions Air offers a 5 years of Annual Maintenance that includes 1 maintenance a year in either the Fall or the Spring (October – May), and a 10 % discount on all repairs needed for your system.

Each year on your annual maintenance date technician will perform a full system inspection, indoor and outdoor. They will also do an operation check of all motors, capacitors, wires, and check split temps to factory speculations, dust out control panels, burners, and outdoor unit. If you have a filter on hand our technician would also be happy to change that for you while they are at your residents.

Any and all issues found with your system will be brought to your attention. It’s better to find issues early, especially leaks, before the cost of repairs skyrockets.

This annual maintenance has a cost of $99 per year for a 5 year term. Give us a call to get signed up today. 623-229-4389

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