Winter is approaching fast this year and some of you may have already turned the heat on. Just like summer air, the heater makes air in the home drier. Having the proper humidity level in the home makes it so the air isn’t so dry. 35-50% humidity is recommended for your home and health. If you notice the air being unbearably dry in the home while the heater is on, you might want to consider a Whole-Home Humidifier

A Whole-Home Humidifier gives you the capability of controlling the humidity levels in your house giving you the best comfort in a more energy-efficient way. You can adjust the humidity right from your thermostat without having to do any special tricks. When the cold subsides, the humidifier can be drained and shut down until you need it next winter season. To take care of the Whole-Home Humidifier, ask your HVAC certified service technician about doing the maintenance.

Sometimes homeowners don’t consider how much of a difference humidity levels in their home can make on comfort and air quality. While you’re doing research on Whole-Home Humidifier options for your home, consider these benefits:  

Healthy Air- Have you ever been outside on a dry and hot summer day in Arizona and your nose all of a sudden starts bleeding? That dry air is dehydrating and causing irritation to your nasal passage causing the nose bleed. Dry air in the home can also lead to irritation of the eyes, skin, and mouth.  

Energy Savings- Benefit your health and wallet with a Whole-Home Humidifier! Adding moisture to the air can actually help the home feel warmer at a lower set temperature, decreasing your energy bill. When there is less humidity, the air will feel cooler causing you to set the temperature higher. The system has to work longer and harder to get to the set temperature which will reflect on your APS/SRP bill.   

Lessen the Static- I don’t know about you but I personally don’t like being shocked every time I touch something! And sometimes my husband likes to create a shocking war! A Whole-Home Humidifier lowers the dry air that causes us to get those annoying zaps.  

Avoid Damage to Home Furnishings- Wood furnishings that are made of wood can shrink, warp, and crack if the air doesn’t have enough humidity and is too dry. This can also make photos, posters, and books brittle.  

Now that you know the benefits, does a Whole-Home Humidifier sound right for your home? If so, Pro Solutions Air can help! We are here for all your home humidity needs! Our experts can provide knowledge and pricing for different options on a Whole-Home Humidifier that will work for you and your home. For more information, call the professionals today!