Now is a good time to start thinking about getting solar panels installed. If you ultimately decide yes… just know the process with getting permits, approvals, materials, and start up can take months. This is why you should start doing your research now and hire a solar consultant. You can start with knowing what the benefits are getting solar installed on your Phoenix, AZ home.  

Decreased Energy Bills- Who doesn’t want to save money? We live in Arizona where the sun does nothing but shine! Those hot summers cause our air conditioning systems to run harder and longer resulting in a higher electric bill. Homeowners who have solar panels don’t have increased energy costs no matter how hot it is!

Tax Credits & Rebates- That’s right! Having solar panels can get YOU money! As a federal tax credit, you could get money back from equipment and installation. You can also see what kind of rebates your utility company offers. If you ever decide to sell the house, solar panels increase the value!  

Helping the Environment- Not only do solar panels benefit you financially but they also help our environment. The sun gives our solar powered systems clean and natural energy. When you have solar panels installed, you’re a part of the group fighting greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing the need for fossil fuel. Electricity is produced from fossil fuels being burned which creates harmful gases that are causing air pollution and climate change. Solar energy improves our planet and health. I don’t know about you but I’d like to make as many memories as possible!

If you’re looking for a solar installer, Pro Solutions can help! When you call our office, book an appointment with our solar consultant. He will come to your home, discuss options with you, and provide an estimate. Pro Solutions will be there every step of the way until installation and start up is 100% complete! And if you need us after, we will be there too! Call today. 623-229-4389