Why is maintenance important? It’s important to inspect your AC for several reasons, but the first is to catch things early before they become a bigger issue. For example, catching that your unit is dirty and cleaning it is much cheaper than waiting until the dirt affects how it works and possibly breaks. At that point, you are paying for repairs on top of having it cleaned. Here is a rundown of our maintenance plans and what’s included. 

Pro Solutions Air has two options for maintenance plans a 1-year and a 5-year plan. Both plans include:

  • Two yearly maintenance checkups 
  • 15% off any repairs that are needed for your unit 
  • No service call fee (Service call fees for normally $95)

The best part about these plans is that even though you pay for maintenance after your yearly visits are up, you still get the other benefits until the warranty expires. Example: You buy the plan in December 2022, and you get all the benefits of the plan until December 2023. 

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