Plenty of people love the rain especially here in Arizona where everything is dry most of the time. Homeowners may be the ones who could do without the rain because they’re worried about their outside air conditioner being damaged. We’ve heard the stories about lightning striking an AC unit but what are the other possibilities?  

With rain usually comes high winds that often blow miscellaneous and unexpected objects into your backyard. Could you imagine if a trampoline flew directly into your air conditioning unit at full speed? Or all those branches and leaves getting into the condenser through the fan grille! After a storm, check on your unit to see if any damage or debris buildup occurred.  

The electrical elements are at risk if flooding occurs. A few inches of water, no biggie! But a few feet of water, hazardous and destructive! Be sure to have a technician check the unit and electrical after a heavy storm to avoid further damage.

Must be nice to be inside under a roof watching the storm from your window. Little Stuart on the streets doesn’t have a roof or window but that AC unit sure does look cozy! I’m sure he’s going to want to shelter his wife and kids so make sure you make room for all the little critters seeking shelter!  

Holy hail and lightning! It doesn’t happen often in Phoenix, Arizona but when we do get hail it can get pretty scary and intense. I’ve seen photos of hail bigger than a tennis ball! Just imagine how intense that might be for the outside condenser getting pelted with rock hard tennis balls! And like we said earlier, we’ve all heard the stories about lightning hitting the unit. You might not even realize it happened until you try to turn the system on.

Pro Solutions Air recommends having your air conditioning unit looked at after heavy rainfall. If you need a service provider you can like and trust, we are happy to help! Our certified and trained technicians will go through the system to check and make any necessary recommendations (if needed). We are just a phone call away! 623-229-4389