The clouds are rolling in! It’s almost time to sit outside with a cup of tea while you watch the rain and lightning. As you’re listening, you can hear each drop hitting the outside air conditioning unit. Do you ever wonder if the rain is damaging your unit? It’s not a super uncommon question because the water hitting anything that requires electricity will make anyone clench. Water and electricity tend to not work very well together. However, your AC unit is safe! 

To answer your question, the condenser will not be affected by the rain. They’re built to withstand the outside elements. There are casings for the sensitive electrical areas that protect against water. You might be surprised to find out that rainfall is a positive for your unit. The water helps to remove dirt and debris allowing the unit to breathe easier and reduce the risk of overheating. We recommend spraying off the unit with a hose but if the rain can do it, less work for you!  

If the air conditioning unit does go out after a storm, you can always call your friends at Pro Solutions Air! Our knowledgeable technicians have the tools and experience to diagnose any heatpump or gas system. Whether it’s a simple fix or an all-day ordeal, we are with you until the end! For any air conditioning and heating services, call us at 623-229-4389.