How often should your AC be replaced?
15-20 years is the most common time frame.

Can you get more than 20 years out of your unit?
If your unit is already over 20 years old, it may still work, but it’s in no way as efficient as it should be or as a new unit. Today’s standards for energy-efficient products are much better than they used to be. A new unit is expensive but will save you money on your power bills in the long run.
How do you know it’s time to replace your AC unit?
Your AC unit isn’t working properly, and it breaks down a lot. Suppose you have to call to have your unit repaired yearly (or more); it’s probably time to replace it. Most HVAC techs can fix small things to get you back up and running, but one day their only recommendation will be a full replacement.

How much is it to replace my AC unit?
The average cost of a new AC unit is around $9000. This amount can go up or down depending on the size unit you get or the type of unit you get. Give us a call for a personalized quote at 623.229.4389