When most people think of air pollution, the first thing that comes to mind is usually outdoors and smog from vehicles or other contaminants. While outdoor pollution is a real thing, indoor pollution is just as real. An article from the Environmental Protection Agency listed at https://www.epa.gov/report-environment/indoor-air-quality states the importance of indoor air quality and the contaminants lurking inside your home.

Pro Solutions Air is a leader in the valley when it comes to offering indoor air quality solutions. There are many different ads and various products that most people have seen come across social media platforms claiming to “purify the air”, everything from lamps to small devices that plug into an outlet. While we do not claim to have investigated all of these products, we have tried and tested several. In our results, we have a few products that we offer that are proven indoor air quality maximizers.

We offer indoor air quality filtration systems with or without UV light. The indoor air filtration system we generally recommend is a combination of an actual air filter that filtrates the air, along with the UV light. The maintenance on these systems is minimal, and you will notice a difference in your home or office space almost immediately after using it. These permanently installed filtration systems are well worth the investment.