What happens during a maintenance inspection of your AC unit? A technician will walk around your unit inside and out and give it a full review. This inspection includes checking your filters, your coils, and wiring and taking an overall look at your entire system.
Why is it important? An AC unit is something that most don’t think about until it stops working. Having a tech come out and look for areas in your unit that need to be cleaned or worked on can save you big bucks down the road. Think of it like getting an oil change on your car; sure, they change the oil, but they often look around your vehicle to see if there is anything you may not realize you need. Our

techs will recommend a few things they see, if any, but no pressure. Our techs are honest with suggestions and will always tell you the importance of whatever they suggest.

Having your HVAC unit looked at before season changes, Fall and Spring usually, is the best way to get it ready for whatever the change in weather throws at it. While it doesn’t get crazy cold in Phoenix, there are still those mornings it would be pretty awful if your furnace decided it didn’t want to turn on because of something simple a tech may have caught at a scheduled maintenance call.