The sudden increase in temperature caught us all by surprise! A/C units breaking down, homeowners freaking out, dispatchers getting flustered with the high call volume, and technicians running around the valley trying to get everyone cool again. Those first couple of days in the 90’s are just the beginning. Luckily, we now have a little break to collect ourselves and start preparing for the 110-degree weather that is quickly approaching.  

Homeowners, take this next week to show your air conditioner some love. Even if you’ve already gotten the maintenance done, give the outside condenser a rinse. We’ve had a lot of wind recently and with that comes a lot of dirt and debris. If you haven’t scheduled a maintenance, you better hurry because schedules are filling up fast! Also, make sure your filters are replaced every 30 days or sooner depending on your environment. I recommend stocking up on filters for the summer and setting a reminder in your calendar to replace them.

Dispatchers, use this break to get yourself mentally and physically prepared. Start meditating in the morning, speaking positive self-affirmations throughout the day, prepare healthy lunches, stretch often, get monthly massages, exercise at least 30 minutes a day, and do whatever it is you need to do to maintain a level head this summer. You guys get the heat in a different way than anyone else does. The homeowners and technicians are physically hot and when things don’t always go right, you’re the one they’re calling and taking out their frustration on. It can get especially tiresome if you aren’t taking care of yourself. PRACTICE SELF-CARE! 

Technicians, you guys are the brave souls going out in the 110+ degree weather every summer. The mental and physical exhaustion is something that a lot of people won’t fully understand because they work in an office sitting in front of a computer sipping on some coffee all while in the A/C. You especially deserve proper self-care! And I know there are probably men laughing and thinking how girlish it seems to practice self-care but believe it or not, you guys also struggle mentally! Depression looks different on men than it does on women. Women tend to be more emotional and cry while men become more short-fused and angry. When your mind gets clouded with depression and negativity, you may have a hard time giving your customers the service they deserve and need. Not only do your customers need you, but you need you and your family does too! PRACTICE SELF-CARE AND GET YOUR REST!  

Pro Solutions Air hopes this summer brings our customers, team, family, and friends lots of love, peace, & positive vibes!

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