No one wants to spend money on furnace repairs especially around the Holidays. With simple maintenance, you can reduce the chance of that occurring. With temperatures quickly dropping, you’ll want to ensure your heater is ready for this winter season. When your furnace/heater is operating properly… it keeps you and your family comfortable, and lowers the electricity bill so you have more money for presents! To add to the comfort and utility savings, regular furnace maintenance reduces the need for repairs.  

1.) Filter Change- The easiest thing you can do that doesn’t cost a lot of money, is to change the filters every 30 days. A dirty filter lowers indoor air quality and makes the heater work harder. When the furnace is working harder, it becomes less efficient, costs more money, increases need for repairs, and decreases lifespan. 

2.) Thermostat (Batteries & Reprogram)- At the beginning of the season, you can change the thermostat batteries. Changing the batteries ensures you won’t come home to an ice box because the thermostat isn’t operating and telling your furnace to heat the home. If you have a programmable thermostat, set the temperatures to your comfort that works with your schedule.  

3.) Clear Surrounding Clutter & Debris- The furnace/heater needs to be clear of clutter and debris so it has room to breathe. Allowing the unit to breathe is essential for operation and safety.   Also, your HVAC technician will be grateful because it gives them space to maintain, diagnose, and repair the unit if needed.   

4.) Regular Maintenance- Just like getting a routine oil change on your car, the heating system requires yearly inspection. Annual maintenance ensures the system is in good condition and prevents premature failure.  

5.) Duct Inspection- Hire a professional to check your duct system. The technician can find areas that need to be sealed to prevent air leaking and verify the duct system is in good condition. You can also inquire about a duct cleaning to improve air quality!  

Give yourself the gift of peace when you ensure your heater is ready for this season! Change your filters every 30 days, replace thermostat batteries, program your thermostat, clear clutter & debris from around the unit, and call your HVAC provider to schedule furnace & duct inspection. If you’re in search of a service provider you can trust to take care of your system, Pro Solutions Air is just a call away! 623-229-4389