It goes without saying that winter takes a toll on everything within it, be it cars, plants, people, but did you ever consider that it also affects your HVAC?

That’s right! The increasingly cold weather and ice/ snow can put a hinderance on your HVAC system. However, there’s no need to worry, because we’re going to give you 5 tips to keep your HVAC safe and fully operational during the winter time!

1. Get Maintenance Done

Getting professional maintenance done or doing some simple maintenance can make a world of difference for your HVAC during any season of the year, but in the winter time it’s just as important!
Making sure there’s no damage of any sort can ensure that your HVAC runs smoothly throughout the cold temperatures.

2. Warm Up your Heater

After a long, hot summer your heater’s going to need some exercise to work properly again! Start using it more often so that it can shake off the rust and get up and running to keep your whole home warm.

3. Cover your Outdoor Air Conditioner

This is important because you want to keep ice, leaves, dust, and more out of it while the winter passed. Make sure the cover is a breathable material, so that it doesn’t trap moisture inside!

4. Replace/ Clean your Air Filter(s)

The cleaner your air filter is, the better your heater will work! It will also ensure that your air quality stays clean, too, as it will keep debris out.

5. Keep an Eye on your Thermostat

We know how nice it seems to set your thermostat at a warm temp. and go about your days during winter, but it could boost your energy bills more than you’d like!
It also overworks your HVAC system and could cause problems for it.

With these 5 tips you’ve learned, you’re sure to have smooth sailing throughout this cold season!

Take good care of your HVAC system, but if you want the best of the best for it, you know who to call. We do all sorts of services to guarantee your system stays up and running.

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