Fact: Maintenance should be scheduled before you need to use your system. For example, Get your AC looked at before it gets hot outside (SPRING), And get your Heater looked at before it gets too cold (FALL). 

Fiction: Some people think maintenance isn’t important and is a SCAM. A lot of things in your life need care to keep running smoothly. HVAC systems must be maintained the same way a car needs to be. It’s not only important to keep them running properly, but it’s important to find things wrong before they become bigger issues. 

Fact: Your system warranty will be void if you have maintenance done. For the same reason that you should have your AC system checked to catch things before they go wrong, your AC unit’s warranty company wants to ensure that you’re taking care of your unit. A maintenance call from an HVAC company can prove to your warranty company that you’ve been taking care of it—changing the filters, cleaning the coils, and everything else that you do on your own regularly to maintain their units. 

Fiction: Only older units need maintenance. Sure the more aged a unit is, the more likely things will be found during maintenance, but it’s also not uncommon to find something that needs to be fixed or tuned in a newer system. It’s better to find those things early than wait until they become a problem. Like anything else that you buy, new items are not always perfect, and it’s good to get in there and find it early. 

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