Regardless of if you’re the business owner or a tech, technician safety and overall health should be taken seriously every day to avoid accidents and even death. Without our air conditioning service technicians, we would all be dead in this Arizona heat! These guys and gals deserve to have good mental and physical health. One simple way they can take care of themselves is by staying hydrated.  

What are the signs of dehydration? 

  1. Being thirsty and lightheaded 
  2. Dry mouth 
  3. Drowsiness 
  4. Dark and smelly urine 
  5. Urinating less 

What causes dehydration? 

  1. Not drinking plenty of water 
  2. Physical exercise in hot weather without taking breaks and hydrating. 
  3. Illnesses that include vomiting, diarrhea, and sweating.  

How to stay hydrated: 

  1. Drink plenty of water 
  2. Take periodic breaks 
  3. Wear lightweight and breathable clothing in light colors 
  4. Keep an eye on each other 

Business owners, technicians, and customers let’s make sure these hardworking men and women are taken care of and treated right. We owe them our respect and gratitude when they come into our homes to service, repair, or replace our air conditioning systems in the brutal summer heat.  

If you need A/C repair or installation, our hydrated techs are available! 😉 


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