If you didn’t know, winter is the time of year when indoor air quality is the worst. Being huddled inside a sealed-up home doesn’t allow airflow to circulate the air as much. Here are some tips to help the air quality in your home during the winter. 

  • Keep your air filters clean. Change your filters at least once a month, but if you find your home getting dustier sooner than that, it’s okay to change them every few weeks if you feel it’s necessary. 
  • Open a window or ventilate a room well when using harsh cleaners. Your home is locked up tight in the winter, so when you use harsh chemicals to clean, the scent and the fumes linger a little longer. 
  • Be sure only to use appliances for their intended purposes. Never use a gas stove to heat your home. Likewise, never use camping stoves, grills, or generators indoors where they can cause smoke or carbon monoxide to fill your home. 
  • Have your ducts cleaned. Ductwork can be filled with dust and particles circulating throughout your home. Have your ducts inspected if you notice your home is dustier than normal, even with timely filter changes. Your ductwork may be dirtier than you think. 
  • Crack windows and doors for fresh air when it’s slightly warmer outside. It may not be possible if you live in a colder climate, but if you live here in Phoenix, you know that we will get those random warmer days in the winter. Warmer days are a great time to open a window and let some fresh air in and some stale air out.