If you spend time on TikTok, you have probably seen this air conditioning unit “hack” going around. These videos show people putting an umbrella over their outdoor units to shade them on hot days and claim that it will help it run better because it’s keeping it cooler. 

While this tip isn’t false, it will not work like you think it will. Shading your outdoor unit will keep it cooler and running better, but it can also cause harm to your unit if it’s done incorrectly. Placing an umbrella too close to the top of your A/C can trap hot air between the unit and the umbrella, which can cause the unit to get hotter. It’s not worth the risk if you ask us. 

What can you do instead? If you feel like your outdoor system is struggling in the heat, you can give it a quick rinse with the hose. This will not only cool it down but also rinse away any dirt and debris and allow it to breathe better. Those tiny coils catch all the dirt, leaves, and pet hair floating around in the air, and rinsing it off regularly is a great way to keep it clean, or you call us for a professional cleaning.