Noticing signs of bugs in your HVAC? When left unattended, they can cause serious malfunction in your system and as any Arizonan knows, we can’t have that during the hotter months!

Bugs are known for being able to slip into your own home via the ductwork, which is how they stir up all kinds of trouble.

What’s important is keeping your cool! While it is nerve wracking seeing a creepy-crawly in your system, there are things you can do to alleviate the situation.

First things first, you can get screens installed on your outdoor air vents to keep out any unwanted intruders. It’s perfect for protecting your HVAC from even the tiniest of critters!

With screens installed, next up is doing some simple cleaning around the outdoor unit. Make sure there is no weed growth, debris, or grime build up on or around it as it can make it just as difficult to ensure it stays running with the threat of bug infestation present

Some things are best to leave to the pros. 
While we understand the want to take matters into your own hands, relying on professionals to handle some situations is absolutely best; having a thorough cleaning for your HVAC is one of those situations. We can clear out bugs from any problem area you’ve taken note of, and we can patch up any damage caused by them, too.

We have developed methods of cleaning out the critters, so that we can avoid having the ductwork doused in insecticide. Despite infestation, there’s still things you can do to deter them from spreading any further.

No matter what kind of bug problem stands in the way of a smoothly functioning HVAC system, you can bet Pro Solutions Air has the perfect solution! Call (623) 745-8635 today to get in touch with us and find out how we can keep your HVAC happy.