Monsoon season finally caught up this year in full force with heavy rainfall, lightning, thunder, and wind. When the Arizona monsoon storms roll in, my family and I like to sit on the porch watching as it passes by. Listening to the water hit the ground, watching the bright lighting flash through the sky, hearing the thunder roar, and feeling the wind hit my face brings a sense of excitement and enjoyment. At this moment, there are no worries or stresses, just wholesome family time doing something we all enjoy. Naturally, I’m not thinking about what this means for my air conditioning unit until it affects me.  

How does the Monsoon Season Impact my Air Conditioner?  

Humidity- Whether there’s rain or shine, it’s hot in Phoenix during monsoon season. The heat mixed with the moisture means a lot more humidity outside. During high-humidity days, your home will feel warmer, causing the A/C unit to work longer and harder to cool the house to the desired temperature.  

Lightning- Not only is it scary that people get struck by lightning, but so do air conditioning units! This could mean serious issues for the electrical. Sometimes, the lightning strike is strong enough to cause an immediate concern; other times, it could take time before you notice anything.  

Wind- Sure, the wind offers a nice breeze, but it isn’t suitable for our A/C units when it kicks up dirt and debris. The dirt builds up on the coils, leaves, and debris fills the center, and there is a high risk of something hitting and damaging the unit. 

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips After a Storm: 

✅Inspect A/C unit for damage

✅Rinse off the coils

✅Check for debris inside and around the unit

✅Clean any debris around the unit

✅Replace air filters monthly or sooner, depending on your environment

✅Call a professional for an A/C inspection

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