Pro Solutions Air has been helping people stay cool for many monsoons.  The monsoon season is usually looked forward to, the news stations report on it, whether it is here, it is late, or a light monsoon.  While the monsoon is quite an event of outstanding light shows and Mother nature water and wind furry, DAMAGE is inevitable sometimes.  A lot of damage occurs on Phoenix roofs, so it is always wise to have a trusted roofer in Phoenix on speed dial. Another major home appliance that suffers during the monsoon is the Air Conditioner.

The Air Conditioner Is On Full Force During Monsoon Season!

Because of the blistering heat in Phoenix, the monsoon storms can be highly welcomed to get some rainfall and relief from the dry desert weather.  Below are some very simple tips to keep your air conditioner safer and running better during and after these storms.

  • The first thing is to have a surge protector installed on your unit.  Surge protectors are not automatically included.  With the lightening strikes, power outages and surges of electricity, power surge can help to prevent circuit boards being burnt and more.  All product warranties are different, but most warranties do not cover power surges.
  • Secondly,  due to all the blowing dust and contaminants during these storms, this dust gets into your A/C unit, restricting airflow.  The easiest way to help airflow from being restricted is to change your inside air filter at least once a month (with those inexpensive ones you can see through), and also spray down your outside condenser unit coils.  You air conditioner works by pulling in air.  If it is not easy for that air to be pulled in due to a restriction of any kind, your system will have to work harder to get the air, thus reducing the life of your system.
  • Third, Have a safety switch installed.  A safety switch is a simple part that installs where your system has water condensation that drips into a condensation pan or through PVC condensation pipe to the outside.  If one of these condensation pipes becomes clogged, then the water defaults to the other condensation pipe.  If this pipe gets clogged, the water has nowhere to except the drip pan, which will inevitably fill up.  This all happens many times without homeowners even realizing it till there is a leaking ceiling, with water all over the place a drywall damage.  The safety switch works by when it gets wet by the water line, it shuts off the system to alert you something is wrong.  The the condensation lines ca be cleared out fro the dust and debris and nothing got damaged.

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