It’s always helpful to have more storage room in your home, but your furnace room should never be one of the places you use for extra storage. Most personal items that end up in closets are either flammable or susceptible to fire. It’s been found that some people like to house dangerous elements like solvents and cleaning supplies in these small spaces meant to stay clear by your furnace. If your furnace malfunctions or an accident occurs, a fire could erupt very quickly. This is why you should never use a furnace room for storage, no matter the situation.

If your furnace resides in a bigger space like a basement, it’s still recommended that you keep the area around your furnace clear and clean. It’s not just stored items; dust and debris need to be cleaned from the site as well. Think of your furnace the same way you would your stovetop. Even if the stove is off, you wouldn’t store things that could catch fire on top of the stove. You also wouldn’t let the stove become dirty with dust and lint that could easily catch fire when a burner is turned on.