Contemplating buying a new air conditioning system? If your system is 10-15+ years old, it’s a good idea! Depending on how well you maintain the air conditioning unit, it may need to be replaced sooner. No matter how old, it can be an overwhelming process searching for the right equipment and installation crew. There are multiple options and so many different contractors who can install a new HVAC system here in the Phoenix, Arizona area!  

If you’re looking for a quality system installed by a certified company at a fair rate, add Pro Solutions Air to your list of preferred contractors! We encourage consumers to get various estimates to compare prices, warranties, and equipment.  Our prices may not be the lowest or the highest, but we do take pride in the 15-year warranty we offer. And no, it’s not a scam… we really mean 15 years!  

To schedule a free estimate on a new air conditioning and heating system, call Pro Solutions Air at 623-229-4389. 

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