With an appliance as complex as an air conditioner, there are parts that break down over time, mainly if routine maintenance hasn’t been done especially in this Arizona heat that we love so much . A maintained system should work well throughout peak air conditioning season. A good rule of thumb when deciding to buy a new air conditioner is if annual A/C repair costs reach and or approach $1,200, it would be wise to consider replacing your A/C unit. That’s because the average monthly payment of an entirely new air conditioning system is comparable to a single repair cost.

Another way to think about this is, if the cost for the AC repair is 1/12 of the cost of a new A/C replacement, the benefits of the replacement air conditioner in low monthly payments, energy bill saving and enhanced comfort makes up for the investment in the AC repair. Whether your unit needs repair or a replacement give Pro Solutions Air a call at 623.229.4389.