With summer closing and winter approaching here in Arizona, it’s imperative to perform the easy maintenance tasks on your air conditioner. During your preparation for heating in the winter months, you should also consider protecting the air conditioner at the same time. You may be considering covering your AC unit but maybe you’re not sure if it really makes a difference. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to covering the air conditioning unit during winter in the Phoenix, AZ area.  

Team: Cover the AC Unit 

A lot of people trust that keeping the air conditioner covered in the winter protects it from damage. The perfect idea would be to keep out dust and debris to promise the AC unit is prepared for the warm summer months next year. In all reality, covering the unit doesn’t achieve what you’d anticipate but it does still have benefits. The grille on top of the air conditioner unit is intended to keep objects and debris out but unfortunately, they find their way in there. Debris falling down into the AC condenser can potentially cause damage. If you’re in an area with lots of trees, you may want to consider buying a cover to keep the leaves, twigs, and other debris out.   

Team: Don’t Cover the AC Unit 

While some suggest covering the unit, others will state the opposite. The air conditioning unit is built with the intention of being outside in the elements. These elements won’t cause any more damage in the winter than they would during our monsoon filled summer. Second, these covers are normally made with non-breathable material. There is the chance of trapping moisture causing problems with the compressor and electrical components. Also, let’s not forget about our desert creatures that need to stay warm during the winter. These rodents might find comfort in an enclosed environment like under an AC unit cover. Not only will the unit be full of rodent droppings but they also like to chew on wires causing havoc and costly repairs.  

Whether your team “Cover the AC Unit” or team “Don’t Cover the AC Unit”, be sure to do maintenance to keep the air conditioning and heating system operating properly all year round. Pro Solutions Air can answer any questions you may have and schedule a heating tune-up.

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