One of the big questions regarding your AC unit is deciding whether you should repair or replace it when something goes wrong. There are a few things to remember when you need to make this decision.

The first thing to think about, and the most important thing, is the age of the system. If your unit is older than 10 years, depending on what repair needs to be done, it might just be smarter in the long run to replace the whole system. The reason for this is most manufacturers only warranty out your system for 10 years, so any repairs that would need to be done would be fully out of pocket for you. Another issue you can run into with an older unit is paying to replace parts, and more parts go bad immediately after. You can possibly end up pouring a lot of money into an older unit because it’s near the end of its life span. Think of it like an older car. The older your car is, the more miles it has on it, and the more things you might have to end up fixing. At some point, it may just be better and more wallet-friendly to get a new car. The benefit of getting a new system is you get to start over with all of those warranties. Manufacturer warranties are 10 years, and Pro Solutions Air gives 15-year warranties, so we cover your unit 5 years past the manufacturer warranty.
In the situation that your unit is not very old, under 10 years, repairing might be the best option. Depending on what’s wrong with your unit, parts may be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, but even if they’re not replacing a main component of your system could still be a fraction of the cost of replacing your whole unit.

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