Are you wondering if it’s time to replace your homes air conditioning and heating system? When looking at the cost of repair verses replacement, fixing the system seems like the most cost effective way to go. It might save you some money upfront but having to repair the system numerous times, the cost adds up quickly.

Determining when the best time to replace your air conditioning and heating system in the Phoenix, Arizona area can be stressful. Let us make this decision process less stressful for you by going over the signs it’s time to replace:

  1. Age of System- Verify the age of your air conditioner by looking at the data tag on the outside unit. The average lifespan of an air conditioning system in Arizona is 10-15 years. With proper maintenance, they can last longer but will be less efficient than a new system.
  2. Performance & Energy Efficiency- How is your AC performing? What is the cost of your energy bill? If you’ve been consistent with routine maintenance but notice the system seems to not be operating at top-performance and the energy bills keep rising, this is a good indication it is time to replace the HVAC system. The new system will be more efficient and you’ll be able to tell the difference in comfort and cost on your electric bill.
  3. Air Quality- When an air conditioning system is operating properly, the humidity and allergens in the air get reduced. During monsoon season in Arizona, our air conditioners have to work hard to remove the humidity and heat so that we can feel comfortable in our homes. As the system gets older and older, you’ll start to notice more moisture and diminished air quality. This is a good time to invest in a new HVAC system.

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