Solar has increased in popularity over the last few years. More homeowners are looking to go green and decrease utility costs. What better way to do that than to add a solar system? You may be one of those people considering it and find yourself questioning “Will this cause damage to my roof?” This is understandable when you think of holes being drilled into your roof. But are solar panels actually bad for your roof? 

Installing a solar system isn’t specifically bad for the roof. The difference is how they’re being installed and by who. A typical solar system includes bolting panels to the roof with nails, bolts, and straps. The type of solar system and roof material ultimately determines how it will be installed. Individuals get nervous about holes being drilled because there is concern of water leaks from everything not being sealed properly. Water leaks create a perfect environment for mold and water damage is also a high risk. A certified solar installer should verify this won’t happen by checking the seals. Hire a contractor based on quality. The cheapest price isn’t always the best option especially when it comes to your home.  

On the bright side, solar panels actually offer roof protection. A defensive barrier is created between outside elements and the roof. Wind, snow, and rain are beautiful elements that nature has to offer but can be destructive. Solar panels help in defending the roof from these elements. Just like the sun is harsh on our skin, it can be on your roof too. The panels provide additional shade protecting from the suns intense UV rays. Having more protection extends the lifespan of your roof and keeps money in your pocket.  

If you’ve ultimately made the final decision to get a solar system installed, take the time to research a professional installer that demonstrates their pride by putting it into their work. For a better piece of mind, you can ask them to send references. When you hire a trusted and qualified installer, you’ll feel happy knowing you’re going to lower utility costs and provide protection to your roof. Pro Solutions Air offers solar installation so if you are interested and have questions, feel free to reach out to us. 623-229-4389