Hey everyone, it is Thank you Thursday and we will be giving some appreciation to someone special… Willis Carrier. Who is he you may ask? Well, he is one of the greatest men to exist in the eyes of Arizona residents because he invented the modern air conditioning system!  

In 1902, Mr. Carrier presented his drawing of the modern A/C system. He accomplished the impossible and came up with a design to build and operate a home air conditioning system. I’d say Willis is somewhat of an inspiration if you ask me. What the world may see as impossible, is actually just an idea that hasn’t been trialed, perfected, and put into action.  

While you’re comfortably sitting home today at the table eating dinner with your family, remember to give thanks to Willis Carrier and your hard-working air-conditioning system. Pro Solutions Air also wants to give thanks to Willis, our A/C systems, and all our customers who have let us service or install their units!  

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