During the summer in Phoenix, Arizona, we know how miserably hot it gets. Every time you walk outside to the car, you can’t help but say “Damn it’s hot.” Imagine the number of times a service technician says that throughout the day.  

During the busy season, they typically run 8-10 service calls diagnosing units outside in the heat and inside attics where it’s even hotter.  When it’s 110 degrees outside, it’s 140+ degrees in your attic. I imagine they say something along the lines of “Damn it’s hot” numerous times every day and sometimes might even use fancier words if you know what I mean. Hey, none of us are perfect and I don’t blame them… I’m typing a blog in an air-conditioned office while they’re drenched in sweat repairing and replacing A/C systems! 

In all seriousness… 

Pro Solutions Air wants to thank our hardworking technicians. We appreciate the dedication and loyalty they demonstrate every day. The summers are hot and long but they don’t give up!  

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