There is a stigma around Air Conditioning Maintenance. It’s rumored to be a scam and a way for a company to get to your home and try and sell you things. 

Why is Maintenance important? 

A/C Maintenance and “check-ups” are just as important as anything else you have serviced. We have a car serviced to ensure there are no issues, and we maintain them by changing the oil, rotating the tires, and checking on coolant levels. We maintain our teeth by seeing a dentist for cleanings and x-rays to catch problems early. Maintenance is mostly preventative, and your A/C system should be included in the list of things you want to maintain. 

Preventative measures.

When an HVAC company comes to your home for a maintenance call, they are looking for things that will cause future issues for you. They want to ensure that your filters are being changed and your system is being taken care of. They are also looking to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Finding things like rust and dirt in areas that can affect the overall health of your unit is the goal. For example, if maintenance is done and your ducts and vents are dirty, a cleaning may be recommended. Dirt and dust build up over time and can cause issues with your unit needing to work harder, and things can break from needing to work too hard. 

Recommendations vs. Deficiencies.

There are usually 2 different words when we find things your unit needs. Some things are a recommendation, and other things are a deficiency. A “recommendation” is something we would say needs to be done soon, but it isn’t yet affecting the health of your unit. It’s merely something you should think about. A “deficiency” is something that is causing harm to your unit. If an HVAC company sends you deficiencies after a visit, take them seriously. Deficiencies can also void warranties if they are serious enough. For example, if cleaning is recommended and stated to be a deficiency, because your system is extremely dirty, if you decline and then something goes wrong with your unit, the warranty claim can be denied. The claim is rejected because the deficiency was brought to your attention, and you did nothing to fix it. It’s like a mechanic telling you you need a transmission flush, you deny it, and then when your transmission goes out, it’s not covered because a transmission flush may have saved you from needing a new transmission. 

So, all in all, maintenance is for the benefit of your system, not a sales tactic. It’s to help catch things early to avoid costly repairs and protect your warranty when things that are out of your control need fixing. 

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