Preventative care for your air conditioner is worth it!

If you have noticed your air conditioning faltering during hot and humid days, have you considered that it could be from the lack of maintenance?
Making sure everything is running smoothly is what will ensure your home is cool and comfortable for the whole family. Your house is a big investment, so making sure every bit of it is up to par is a must. Your AC is just as important as everything else. Maintenance is what will guarantee that it will stay up and running for years to come!

1. The system’s lifespan is lengthened

Because regular maintenance ensures the quality of your air conditioning, it means that it doesn’t strain itself often. This causes it to last much longer than its intended system life. It costs you much less in the long run, as it avoids major malfunctions or damage that you may have not been aware of had it not been for maintenance.

2. Keeps home healthy

Without routine maintenance, your air conditioner may have some unfortunate health hazards. It may do things like blowing smoke/ debris through your ducts, which may cause harm to those with health issues. It’s also harmful during the summer, when the days are at their hottest and you need something to cool you down; not just for comfort, but for your immune system as well!

3. Keeps system cleanly

When you go without maintenance for a long while, it causes build up of all sorts. With your system working over-time to make sure it stays running, dust, debris, pollen, and more tend to coat your external system. The smooth efficiency your AC once had is no longer there, but when you get maintenance done, this isn’t as much of a problem!

4. No mold spores

With heat and water come mold. While your AC system is busy cooling down your home, it may be growing mold in the process, due to the water being kept in from the debris build up!
With a fully taken care of system, there is no such concern as water is channeled away from it.

5. System efficiency

With everything checked, cleaned, replaced, etc. during maintenance, there is no worry about faulty parts, build up of debris, mold, damage, or anything else. That means that the system does not strain itself to cool down your home. In fact, because there is nothing hindering it, it works that much better and that much longer!

Those perks are only the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more benefits to be had of routine maintenance.

We encourage you to get maintenance done soon, if you haven’t already!